About Us

Welcome to WomenEd.org, a vibrant platform dedicated to discussing and advocating for women’s roles in corporations and the broader feminist movement. Our mission is to illuminate the path toward gender equality in the workplace and society by engaging with issues, challenges, and successes that women face today. Through thoughtful analysis, expert opinion, and community engagement, we strive to empower women and promote an inclusive environment where all voices are heard.

WomenEd.org is driven by a dynamic team of contributors, each bringing their own unique perspectives and expertise to our content. They are not only thought leaders in their fields but also passionate advocates for women’s rights and equality.

Our Mission and Vision


Our mission at WomenEd.org is to advocate for and advance women’s roles in corporate environments and support the broader feminist agenda. We aim to provide a robust platform that fosters informed discussion, shares expert insights, and promotes actionable strategies to achieve gender equality. By highlighting challenges, celebrating successes, and providing a space for diverse voices, we strive to empower women and influence the necessary changes in both corporate and social landscapes.


Our vision is a world where women are equally represented and respected in all aspects of corporate and social life. We envision a future where gender biases are dismantled and all individuals have the opportunity to thrive in fair and inclusive environments. Through education, advocacy, and community engagement, WomenEd.org seeks to be a leading force in driving this transformation, ensuring that every woman’s potential can be fully realized without barriers.

Our Team

Gertrude Mullen is a seasoned corporate attorney based in New York City. Working with a top law firm, Gertrude combines her professional expertise with her personal experiences as a mother to advocate for fair opportunities and gender equality in corporate environments. She is actively involved in various initiatives aimed at reducing gender disparities and creating an inclusive culture in all professional realms.

Kaiden Arias, a high school sociology professor from Washington State, brings his academic insight into the social challenges that women face globally. Kaiden is dedicated to educating young minds about gender equality and empowering them to make a difference. His teachings and writings inspire both his students and readers of WomenEd.org to advocate for and contribute to improving conditions for women worldwide.

Gracie Roman offers a literary perspective to our discourse. With her deep passion for literature that explores women’s rights and feminist ideas, Gracie reviews books that not only challenge the status quo but also celebrate the multifaceted experiences of women. Her contributions encourage our readers to explore and embrace diverse narratives that inspire change and solidarity among women.

At WomenEd.org, we believe in the power of knowledge and dialogue to foster change. Join us as we explore the many layers of women’s experiences in the corporate world and beyond, pushing for a future where gender equality is not just an ideal, but a reality.

“Empowerment isn’t just about lifting women up; it’s about creating a world where they soar. Let’s build wings together.”