Book One: 10% Braver

Book Two: 10% Braver

10%braver Inspiring Women to Lead Education

62% of teachers in secondary schools are women but only 39% of secondary headteachers are female

Only 7% of women in education will attempt to negotiate their initial salary offer, compared to 57% of their male counterparts

1 in 4 teachers who quit the classroom in recent years were women aged 30–39

What would you do to make a change today if you were 10% braver?

This is the ultimate guide for women in education. Written by leading members of the grassroots #WomenEd movement, it offers guidance on how to attain and succeed in leadership positions, alongside nuanced analysis and debate of topics including: the gender pay gap, gender stereotyping in schools and beyond, the realities experienced by BAME leaders and how flexible working cultures can redress inequities.

Each chapter gives advice on how we can all change things for the better, as individuals, in our organisations and across the system, and how you can be part of the WomenEd movement to improve equality in education for everyone.

"This book matters because it is guaranteed to inspire, to educate and to spark a much-needed clamour for women to assume roles of influence throughout our education system."

-Alison Peacock, Chief Executive of the Chartered College of Teaching


What an inspiring read! This is a must for all women (and men) in education leading or otherwise. 10% Braver has pushed me to think carefully about myself and my career as a female educator. Thank you to the authors for inspiring me and many others!  

Yamina Bibi, Lead Practitioner and member of senior leadership team, Forest Gate Community School, Newham, London

Highly recommend this book to all educators. It is really accessible, shining a light on the gender gap in education and the particular challenges women might face in progressing to senior leadership. The wide range of informed contributors give practical strategies to inspire women into leadership. I read the whole book in two days and have lots to share with colleagues!

Lucy Hemsley

This book is a must-read for dedicated women - and men - in education. It speaks to our hearts and souls of mission and vision, passion and purpose.  In such a complex and challenging profession, we are given inspiration and clarity about how we can all make a difference - in many ways - but above all by being 10% braver!

Congratulations to all the authors. I hope this goes global!

One day in a digital journey through twitter I stumbled across the hashtag #10%braver @WomenEd. Instantly I was hooked on a community that provides support and guidance for women educators to achieve their full potential. This book lays out a road map to smash the glass ceiling and the right amount of positive encouragement to make a genuine difference for all women in schools.

The collective voices of courageous women resound throughout the book. An inspiring book for any woman. All of us lead in some way and we must carry on leading in every way to ensure that there is gender equity in education and every sector of society for us and for future generations. The time to stand up, be counted and act for ourselves and others is now. Thank you WomenEd and the pioneers who have helped us to start believing in ourselves and the power of change. I recommend this book to everyone who believes in social justice and that education transforms lives.

Book Two: Being 10% Braver

Book Two: Being 10% Braver

Being 10% Braver

Through the real-life stories of women leaders in education, drawn from across the #WomenEd community, this book offers guidance and inspiration on how to rise above challenging situations and find personal and professional growth. It′s time to:

  • Tackle imposter syndrome
  • Know your worth
  • Ask for what you need
  • Call out unacceptable behavior
  • Put yourself first when necessary
  • Raise your voice until it′s heard



An utterly uplifting and joyous read. “Being 10% braver” amplifies the lived experiences of real women trailblazers in education. Each of their individual stories sing to form a massed choir of encouragement for even more women to join in and to be 10% braver. This is a book to cherish and to inspire. Emma Turner


This is a REAL book. Written by REAL leaders. With REAL lives. Talking about REAL experiences.
Heartfelt, compelling, moving and inspirational - you won't want to stop reading, as I've not. Once a chapter was begun, I wanted to read to the end and drink in the tips each author leaves as a parting gift. Theirs were not always simple journeys and theirs were not always chartered territories but they share with humility and humour.
The result gives so much to think about and so much to learn as fellow professionals share their experiences, show how they've been braver, stronger and done things their own way. Learning as they go. A truly International perspective from a truly International organisation.
WomenEd epitomises the phrase 'stronger together' and each chapter explains how women have approached different situations from the perspective of the WomenEd values and the mantra 10% Braver. Touching career stages, contexts, diversity and disability this book is the embodiment of 'can do' attitude with a huge desire to share and encourage others likewise. Consistently supportive, never judgemental and always with passion.
The timing of publication couldn't be better: it gives a boost; it sparks interest and instils confidence. Whether you read cover to cover or dip in and out you won't be disappointed. Being 10% Braver shows the power we all have within. 
Mrs. A William-Jones


Excellent book and account of @womened movement. Extremely inspirational, full of insight and reflection. It has given me the confidence to step out of my own shadow and be 10% Braver. Finding my own voice. Highly recommended. Silvia


Womened Being 10% Braver is a celebration, commitment and powerful reminder that in order to continue to make sustainable and impactful change to enable equity and equality, we must have courage and keep being 10% braver.
The chapters cover a spectrum of choices, challenges, voices and advice – a must read!
Kiran S


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