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21 January 2023
By Neelam Parmar @neelamaparmar1 LinkedIN Welcome to the first of SEVEN blogs from attendees of our inaugural #WomenEdDigiMeet held last week, which we will publish over the coming days. First up, we have Neelam, who asks what makes a #EdTech Le...
24 November 2022
Unconscious Gender Bias
by Beccy Fox     @WomenEdTH Three things have happened recently that got me thinking about women in leadership, in particular, women in leadership in international schools. The first was some 'smack you in the face' data: out of nearly seve...
21 March 2022
Womens Health
by Punam Mohandas  @PunamMohandas Two years ago, I had a female student who was just so contrary and sly. She complained about me to her father for no reason, who then complained to the Director of my Faculty. A few days later, the student sent ...

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Karly Evans
Karly Evans Network Leader
Karly is an experienced teacher with middle leadership experience who believes in the empowerment a network can bring and transitioned to teaching internationally following significant experience in the UK.
Rebecca Owens
Rebecca OwensNetwork Leader
I've been in education for 18 years, and within international education for 14 years. I am delighted to be supporting women to take leadership roles in education.

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