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15 March 2023
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By Charlotte Ward     @misscharteach "I went to the event not really knowing what to expect, but I came out with the satisfactory feeling of time well spent. I met interesting people and felt inspired."  #WomenEd Hungary Launch Ev...

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Network Leaders

Charlotte Ward
Charlotte Ward Network Leader
Humanities teacher. Globe trotter. Feminist. Wellbeing warrior. Proud founding member of #WomenEd Czech. Excited to be setting up a branch in Hungary!
Lisa Gillespie
Lisa GillespieNetwork Leader
Versatile leader. Language school director. Canadian born. Determined to take action and help build an inclusive community that encourages women from around the world to be #10%braver!
Meg Hickman
Meg HickmanNetwork Leader
Educational leader. Primary teacher. Linguistics and literature obsessed. At home in Canada and Hungary. Prioritizing equality and equity in education for students and staff!
Bori Tamas
Bori TamasNetwork Leader
Primary teacher. Globe trotter and eco-warrior. Life-long learner and wellbeing motivator. Excited to be part of a movement encouraging women in education to be changemakers!
Chloe Burns
Chloe BurnsNetwork Leader
Utah native. Humanities teacher. Lifetime learner. Looking forward to being part of an inspiring and empowering educational community!

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