#WomenEd: @WomenEdBeLux Elevates “Being 10% Braver” Readers’ Voice


#WomenEd: @WomenEdBeLux Elevates “Being 10% Braver” Readers’ Voice

To celebrate International Women’s day and the launch of “Being 10% Braver”, the @WomenEdBeLux is thrilled to host this virtual gathering focusing on all readers’ responses to Part I: Braver in the Workplace

Full Description

The following chapters:

  • Being 10% Braver in Higher Education
  • Coffee, Calpol and Co-Headship
  • Taking the heat out of the menopause in the Workplace
  • Learning to Dance in the rain
  • Dynamic Part-time Leadership
  • Making Middle Leadership Count
  • Being a Woman and a leader with a Disability
  • Investing in Ourselves as Leaders: A Guilty Pleasure

How will we collaborate?

There will be three different break out sessions. Each break out session will focus on one specific chapter from Part I: Braver in the Workplace

  • Session A - 1, 2 and 3 chapters
  • Session B - 4, 5 and 6 chapters
  • Session C - 7 and 8 chapters

For each session, attendees select only ONE chapter to join a discussion group. Each breakout session will focus on the “Passing on Being 10% Braver” prompts located at the end of the chapters. Please have your book with you!

Before the session, please be sure you know how to “rename yourself” on Zoom.

The objective of this virtual session is to promote and elevate connection, collaboration and community among all the attendees.

On Monday, 15 March, the Zoom link will be sent to all attendees.

My registering for this event, you will be added to the #WomenEd newsletter mailing list and can opt out at any time.

Location information

#WomenEd Luxembourg #Powerhouse

Canton Luxembourg
Luxembourg 2328
11 Rue des Peupliers

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