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Women in education can find support and inspiration for your leadership aspirations through our #WomenEd community.

This free, online event will help you to be 10% braver and make your next move up the career ladder!

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@WomenEdDE are excited to announce another meet-up for our WomenEd community in Berlin and beyond. Although we will gather online, we will still be able to support each other, share tips and learn. We will kick off with some inspirational input and discussion and then mingle with a glass of wine or cup of tea to help each other out.

Dr. Elke Paul, founder of CreatePositive.org will talk about belonging.

We know it is a fundamental need, which we all have. Without it, we falter, become bitter and withdrawn, and our health is at risk. The disruptions of COVID-19 threaten our ability to experience this vital social bond, in- and outside of school. We need to purposefully establish and nurture belonging,

Fortunately, there are teachable practices to do so but frankly they are often overlooked due to all the other things that need to be covered in daily school life. Elke will share some quick facts about the science of belonging, before we discover some personal obstacles to create belonging. We finish with two quick practical tools to foster belonging as leaders in class and staff rooms and beyond.

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#WomenEd Berlin, Deutschland Network and Social Event


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