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@KSunray3, @WomenEdBookclub network leader, will be talking to chapter authors about their contributions to Being 10% Braver by @WomenEd
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10am Welcome from Kiran @KSunray3 and @ViviennePorritt

WomenEd values – connection, collaboration, change – being 10% braver (incremental steps to change)

10.15 – 11am Part 1 – Braver in the workplace

Coffee, calpol and co-headship – Claire Mitchell @clairamitch Emma Turner @Emma_Turner75

Learning to dance in the rain – Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach

Being a woman and a leader with a disability – Ruth Golding @LearnerLedLdr

Investing in ourselves as leaders: A guilty pleasure? – Kerry Jordan-Duas @KerryJordanDaus

11.15am – 12pm Part 2 – Advocating for others

Stand by all women – Dan Morrow @MoreMorrow Malcolm Richards @malcolmrichards

Stand by your woman - Andy Mitchell @2ndcityseagull tbc

If there isn’t a seat at the table, be the one who buys the chairs - Hilary Goldsmith @sbl365 tbc

12.15pm – 1pm Part 3 – Braving the Change

Being an international school leader – Liz Free @LizAMFree Ruth Barsby @RBIntTeache

Returning to teaching and leadership after illness - Rachael Paget @MissPagetEnglish tbc

Retirement is not a dirty word - Fiona McSorley @@Fifimc60 tbc

Overcoming the challenges of a woman leader with a disability in education - Sharon McCormack @teacherasleader tbc

1.15pm – 2pm Part 4 Daring to be different

Can I see your ID? – Gemma Sant Benson @GemmaSB1

Why it’s ‘in’ to be an introverted leader – Alex Fairlamb @lamb_heart_tea

Disorganised leadership – Jules Daulby @JulesDaulby

Walking gaily forward – Lisa Hannay @lhannay1

2.15 – 3pm Part 5 Owing our Bravery

Brave Vulnerability – Debra Rutley @DRutleyAspire

Asylum – Felicity King @resetnotinset

Slaying the dragon of imposter syndrome – Imogen Senior @MrsSeniorStBen1

Moving mindsets and failing forward – Melissa Egri Mccauley @MrsMMcCauley Dr. Jacinta Calzada-Mayronne @drcalzy

3.15 – 4pm Part 6 Tackling an Unfair System

We can’t be what we can’t see: Make sure you’re not the one blocking the view – Penny Rabiger @Penny_Ten

Pregnant and screwed – Hannah Dalton@DoddsyInit Kiran Mahil @mahil_kiran

Time to say goodbye – Bukky Yusuf @rondelle10_b

Inspiring the future – Vivienne Porritt @ViviennePorritt

4pm Thank you from Kiran @WomenedBookclub


WEBINAR with @NancyinLux1 "How do the 'readers' resonate with the chapters?" scheduled for 16 March starting at 18.00 (CET). Click here to register.

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