#WomenEd: Wellbeing Wednesday with WomenEdMYS!


WomenEd MYS presents their new Wellbeing Wednesday Webinar series. Focusing on women's health, both physical & mental, parenting and more!
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Make time for self care!

Join one, join all.

Free but limited tickets.

Certificate of attendance on request: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker List

Dr Sadie Hollins

Dr Sadie Hollins is a Head of Sixth Form based at a British Curriculum International School in Thailand. She also is Creator of the WISEducation Wellbeing Blog and Podcast, and Editor of the Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine (due to be launched in September 2021)

Amanda Luukinen

As a Certified Wellness Coach and Founder of “Allways Live Well,” Amanda coaches and guides women to live in full alignment with their heart-centered truth. She empowers women to live the life they truly desire with love & intention.

Amanda's true gift is establishing a safe, compassionate space for women to create lasting transformations that promote wellness in all areas of their lives - mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.


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