#ChoosetoChallenge @WomenEdCanada and @WomenEdAlberta Joint Event


Grab a snack and a beverage of choice and join us for our @WomenEdCanada and @WomenEdAlberta joint event to talk all things leadership.
NOTE: This event is timed for Friday 5th March 7pm to 8pm MST, which is Saturday 6th March 2am to 3am GMT
Full Description

Join our @WomenEdCanada representative (Lisa Hannay) and @WomenEdAlberta representative (Charlie Kraig), as well as panel members Nicole Jarvis and Iram Khan, to explore the ways that the #WomenEd values intersect with First Peoples Principles of Learning, Alberta's, and BC's Competencies.

We look forward to connecting with women leaders and #heforshe allies at this event which is part of the #WomenEd #IWD2021 event series.



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