@WomenEdBeLux, the Learning Collaborative and ISL Virtual Learning Loft: "Women in Leadership" virtual book club.


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Book focus: Section Four - Training for the Marathon Run with Dr. Fran Prolman and Nancy Squicciarini

Full Description

Based on her new book, Women in Leadership, Dr. Fran Prolman and steering committee members of @WomenEdBeLux will present a four-part virtual book club focusing on "Women in Leadership". Besides engaging in an inspiring professional learning opportunity, also meet educators from around the world, share experiences and perhaps make new friends. There will be break-out rooms and other learning tasks for the participants to interact.


Going against the grain of stereotypes and biases takes energy, especially when so many biases are waiting for you to fail. There is little room for female leadership error which can take an emotional, spiritual and physical toll. Add that toll to how women are wired to be nurturers and caregivers to everyone else but ourselves. This workshop provides practical strategies for allowing ourselves to put our own oxygen mask on first without guilt. Raise your intentionality for self-care in the form of identifying your social and emotional needs, and implementing a plan for feeding your spiritual and mental well-being. Experience the mental and physical connection which expands your self-worth, self-care and capacity to be your best leadership self without apology.

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International School of Luxembourg

Canton Luxembourg
36 Boulevard Pierre Dupong

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