Flexible Working Practices

 Flexible working arrangements can increase gender-equal opportunities (GEI, 2019).

Below you will find what we have achieved to date, our plans for the future, ways you can get involved, case studies, and below that, more resources.



Our Goals

This year we are:

  • Supporting the school sector to increase flexible working practices
  • Retaining more women educators and leaders through flexible working
  • Influencing attitudes of school leaders to flexible working to achieve systemic change


Case Studies

 We have collaborated and curated 20+ short case studies on the benefits of flexible working for individuals, organisations, and students.

Get Involved!

You can get involved by:

  • Sharing the benefits of flexible working by contacting admin for the (short) case study template  

  • Negotiating for the working pattern you need

  • School leaders can foster a culture of healthy, realistic workloads

Our Achievements

So far we have:


  • Contributed to Department for Education (England) Working Party on Flexible Working



Other Flexible Working Resources

Articles and Papers

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