Reducing the Gender Pay Gap



Gender pay gaps are measured in different ways globally. However, on all counts, most men earn more than a woman doing the same or similar work.

Women dominate the workforce in education, yet a gender pay gap exists in those countries that measure this.

Below you will find what we have achieved to date, our plans for the future, ways you can get involved, a case study, and more resources.


Our Achievements

So far we have:


Our Goals

This year we are:

  • Offering workshops / webinars on negotiation skills
  • Calling on employers to remove the question on current salary from application forms and also references
  • Writing a report on Gender Pay Gap reporting in the UK






Case Study

Coming Soon...










Get Involved!

You can get involved by:

  • Asking how your employer will reduce the gender pay gap (if it exists)
  • Involving women in creating a plan to reduce the gender pay gap using the resources below
  • Removing the question on current salary from your organisational application form and references
  • Practising your negotiating skills



Other Gender Pay Gap Resources

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