Leadership of Women in Education

Leadership of Women in Education

'I am proud to call myself a feminist. But I am dismayed that so many other men, including those in positions of power and responsibility, remain locked in sexist and misogynist mindsets.' (Ban Ki-Moon)


Leadership of Women in Education Resources

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Leadership of Women in Education: Articles and Papers

Why early conversations about women in school leadership matter (Innovate Journal, Dr Berni Moreno, p5, October 2021)

Leadership Learning Journeys: Supporting Young Women Leaders (Innovate Journal, p.14, Jaime R. Malic, October 2021)

Gender Equality in Education: How do we involve men in the conversation? (Innovate Journal, p.15, @missmayne, October 2021)

How can Governors support Women Leaders in Education? (Innovate Journal, p.20, Naureen Khalid, October 2021)

Why we can have it all: motherhood and leadership (Innovate Journal, p.21, Rachel Campbell, October 2021)

Coaching as a tool to empower (Innovate Journal, p.27, Patricia Alviano & Lara Koretsky, October 2021)

Women’s rights must be at the center of the global recovery (Ban-Ki Moon, Elpais, 29th June 2021) 

We Need To Rethink Strategic Leadership (Benjamin Laker, Forbes, 21st January 2021)

Female leaders make a real difference. Covid may be the proof (The Guardian, Jane Dudman, 16th December 2020)

What We Can Learn From the Wonder Women of COVID-19 (belfercenter.org, Izzy Ernst & Grace Pringle, November 2020)

Leading the Fight Against the Pandemic: Does Gender ‘Really’ Matter? (Supriya Garikipati & Uma Kambhampati, SSRN, 3rd June 2020)

Women in power: it’s a matter of life and death (Lorenzo Fioramonti, Luca Coscieme and Katherine Trebeck, socialeurope.eu, 1st June 2020)

The Secrets of Successful Female Networkers (HBR, November 2019)

Power of the Pack: Women who Support Women are More Successful (Forbes, Shelley Zalis, May 6th 2019)

Women and the Vision Thing (Herminia Ibarra and Otilia Obodaru, Harvard Business Review, January 2009)

Leadership of Women in Education: Other Resources

Resources from Edwina Dunn, Founder of The Female Lead



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