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Eating frogs
Geraldine O’Connor
Imposter Syndrome
by Geraldine O’Connor  @goconnor816 10 years as Principal and I'm definitely braver and indeed wiser than I was when I naively embarked on the winding and colourful journey that is school leadership.Blessed with a healthy physical constitution, an accomplished, academic profile, the reputation as an excellent early-years teacher, a strong work ethic, a transformational leadership style, and the long held belief that an excellent education is a right to be afforded to every child, I believed that I had a firm foundation upon which to scaffold and execute a strategic plan to achieve educational excellence, in all its guises.
The Balancing Act: Mothers in Leadership
Jacinta C. Mayronne
By Jacinta C. Mayronne @drcalzy When I first began conversations with @WomenEd_US about hosting a potential chat titled 'Imperfection: Motherhood and Leadership,' it was back in March, before the majority of the United States began quarantining due to COVID-19. My perception and thoughts of what motherhood and leadership look and feel like are completely different now that I pick up my pen to write this blog six months later.
Collaboration: A Superintendent’s Superpower
Dr Jacinta C. Mayronne
By Dr Jacinta C. Mayronne @drcalzy Dr. Tracey Beckendorf-Edou, superintendent of Cascade School District in Washington State, is a collaborator! As she tackles her second year of superintendency amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Dr. Beckendorf-Edou, the ideal systems thinker, shared some brilliant ways for other women to navigate their journey towards superintendency. She gave us insight on essential qualities of a school superintendent, why qualified women choose not to pursue superintendency and benefits of diversity in the role - specifically gender diversity, how to encourage other women to pursue educational leadership, and what compels and sustains women throughout their leadership journeys.
Hearing and following my heart
Nichola Lynagh
Womens Health
by Nichola Lynagh @nicholalynagh   My stand out moments, some of which have shaped who I am in the world.. At 32 I was diagnosed with a treatable non-curable cancer: Non Hodgkins Lymphoma; a word I am very familiar with now as 51 year old woman.. – how did that happen? I still feel 30, lol!! Cancer brought such a challenge to me and my family; words cannot describe the fear and devastation I and they felt.
Be Who You Are
Lisa Hannay
Womens Health
by Lisa Hannay @lhannay1 Recently at the #WomenEd book launch for our second book Being 10% Braver I was talking about my hopes for my chapter. There are loads of reasons I wrote my chapter but really the ultimate reason was to loosen the grip that shame often has on my heart and soul.
Wonder Woman 2020: My obsession with comic books and WomenEd
Sean Harris
General Blogs
By Sean Harris @SeanHarris_NE   #HeForShe Two key events happen for me at the end of 2020. Another comic-book super sheroe gets a big screen release in Wonder Women 1984 in December and I return to the classroom after working at Ambition Institute. We read regularly about our profession haemorrhaging good teachers. Since the first lockdown, I’ve struggled to sit on the side-lines. The work of WomenEd, and several inspirational female school leaders are further drivers for me returning into the classroom.
Engaging with Education
Cara Dooley
General Blogs
 by Cara Dooley @MissDooley90   I completed a PGCE in Primary Education at Northumbria University, graduating in 2019. In September of 2019 I embarked on my Primary teaching career. Like most newly qualified teachers in Northern Ireland I began my career as a substitute teacher. This was an eye-opening and exciting experience, on one hand and on the other...
If you can dream it, you can do it!
Eileen Rowntree
10% Braver
by Eileen Rowntree @EileenRown3 Anyone who knows me, knows of my passion for Disney and my title is a quote by Walt Disney. I was reared with magical fairy tales and inspirational messages as we created memories as a family. No matter how old I get, I still get chills when I see the Magic Kingdom and I have loved watching our two children grow up with the same experiences, as we enjoy seeing the magic through their eyes too. This life experience has given me self-worth and an awareness of how things impact children.
Diversity in Governance: how can we ensure that we represent the communities we serve well
Julia Skinner and Lizana Oberholzer
by Julia Skinner and Lizana Oberholzer @TheHeadsOffice @LO_EduforAll During a recent presentation for WomenEd’s Global Unconference, we discussed the challenges and key considerations that governing bodies and trustee boards need to make when they consider new members. Diverse Governance, and the importance of diversity of teams, skills, backgrounds, ethnicity, race, religion and gender is highlighted in Section 4 of the latest Governance Handbook (DfE, 2020).
El poder del ejemplo frente a las reglas
Susie Fernandez
General Blogs
by Susie Fernandez @SusieFe15145779 Mis padres siempre me recuerdan que ya de muy pequeña usaba la tapa de un cajón en nuestra cocina para jugar a ser profesora. Parece ser que ya en aquella época me encantaba usar mi tiza para escribir en la pizarra: “Haced exactamente lo que yo haga”. Éste era el lema de cada una de mis clases. Cuando hablaba con mis alumnos imaginarios siempre les decía: “Si yo no hago lo que a vosotros os pido, sed valientes y desafiarme”.
Women, like men only cheaper 2020
Vivienne Porritt
Gender Pay Gap
by Vivienne Porritt @ViviennePorritt   This is my 2nd blog on the UK Equal Pay Day which, in 2020, falls on today, November 20th. From this day, most women are working for nothing because they earn less than men. The #GenderPayGap statistics for 2019 showed the mean gap for full time workers to be 13.1%. The gap is wider for part-time employees. Women earned less than men in 90% of all employment sectors. Let’s look at this more closely.
How to Successfully Deal with Menopausal Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Fatigue
Tara Harding
Womens Health
by Tara Harding The menopause can trigger both anxiety and panic attacks, followed by fatigue. However, there is no need for women to feel helpless as there are some remedies available. This article will shed some light on what to expect when these symptoms occur and how they can be kept at bay.
¡Mientras nos levantamos! #SoyExtraordinaria
Tasha Fletcher
10% Braver
por Tasha Fletcher @FletcherT_    Traductora Elena Diaz @TeacheryDiaz Sororidad. Empoderar. Elevar. Inspirar. Motivar “Tú puedes escribirme en la historia con tus amargas, torcidas mentiras, puedes arrojarme al fango y aun así, como el polvo… me levanto." Maya Angelou
As we RISE!
Tara Fletcher
10% Braver
by Tasha Fletcher     @FletcherT_  Sisterhood. Empower. Elevate. Inspire. Motivate 'You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt, But still, like dust I rise.' Maya Angelou 
Being 10% Braver: #IAmWriting.
Vivienne Porritt
10% Braver
by Vivienne Porritt @ViviennePorritt We started WomenEd because women's voices on twitter were often silenced, harrassed or our views were not valued. It's one of the reasons we included a mic in our logo. So we encouraged women to tweet and to write blogs to tell our stories and share our lived experience.  One of the reasons we wrote 10%braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education was to ensure the voices of our community reached women who are not on twitter. And over 30 voices are included in Being 10% Braver which, joyously, is published this December - you can pre-order and it's a great Christmas present! And we are delighted to share more opportunities for our community to write and to be heard.
Where did my sparkle go?
Womens Health
by PeriMenopausalMe (real name withheld) #WorldMenopauseDay Sometimes, actually quite often, I feel that my sparkle has stopped sparkling and a dullness has taken over. What the hell has happened? This feeling throws me into a panic and then I start to consider doing things to boost the spark; get a tattoo, dye my hair red, learn to ride a motorbike, take a solo trip to Barcelona, dance all night to disco tunes. All these boosts are fine, they certainly get me sparkling again but they’re not long-lasting and I can be thrust back into the ‘dull’ place again, especially when I am at work.

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