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Breaking the Bias: The Rural and Urban Divide
Susan Bradbeer
Unconscious Gender Bias
By Susan Bradbeer  @sbradbeer Women who lead in rural schools are doing an extraordinary job. But they encounter bias in the form of division between rural and urban expectations. We have had enough of glass ceilings, jungle gyms, and elevators. These metaphors that the corporate world have used to try and describe the career trajectory for wo...
Splintering gender bias by asking questions
Dr Deborah Netolicky
Unconscious Gender Bias
By Dr Deborah Netolicky @debsnet Each year, International Women's Day is surrounded by questions as to why the day is needed. Yet a dig into data from any country shows that gender equity is far from a reality. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated gender inequities, as this UN policy brief and this UN technical brief attest. There has be...
Leading in education through a pandemic - shaping a better ever-changing world
Jen McArdle
By Jen McArdle @McArdleJen I would like to acknowledge and thank the Traditional Custodians of this land and recognise their continued connection to Country. We thank Elders past, present and emerging for sharing this land for us to live and learn on. We thank the Traditional Custodians for caring and looking after this land for thousands of genera...
Overcoming Burnout
Rita Rebizant
By Rita Rebizant, @RitaRebizant I spent all of July in a kind of mindless fog, not quite sure what to do with myself. My brain was still full of school stuff but along with it came a lot of deep-seated emotion that I didn't know where to put.  I cried a lot. I couldn't sleep. I sat staring at nothing a lot.  I scrolled through endless Twi...
Do Students Prefer Female Teachers?
Punam Mohandas
Unconscious Gender Bias
By Punam Mohandas @PunamMohandas The mind connection that people make between gender and the teaching profession makes for some fascinating research; in many countries, the ratio of female to male teachers is much higher. While undertaking some reading for this article, I came across several illuminating reasons on why there is a definite skew...
Jess Gosling
10% Braver
By Jess Gosling @JessGosling2 I have written this blog for two reasons: the first is to introduce the vision for the WomenEd network in Taiwan, an amazing group I have been part of now since August 2021. The second is to hopefully give others the courage to take that first step in believing in themselves and activating their 'voice'. When I thought...
I would love to but I have no time…
Nicola Mooney
By Nicola Mooney @nicksnook   Network Leader @WomenEdSW This blog post is about something that is very important to me. I have 4 sons ranging from 3-16, I work full time, and am hoping to become a secondary headteacher in the future. I am writing this blog while son #3 (aged 6) is at a bowling birthday party, and #4 (aged 3) is playi...
What is your Leadership Resolution of 2022?
Mélissa Villella
By Mélissa Villella, Ph.D @MLVillellaPhd   Network Leader @WomenEdQuebec With an Introduction by Lisa Hannay @lhannay1 Network Leader @WomenEdCanada   As Global Strategic Leader for #WomenEd, I oversee the Twitter account for @WomenEdCanada and work alongside all of the networks in Canada and the United States. Our geography makes it...
Quelle est votre résolution en matière de leadership pour 2022?
Mélissa Villella
By Mélissa Villella, Ph.D @MLVillellaPhd Network Leader @WomenEdQuebec Avec une introduction de Lisa Hannay @lhannay1 Network Leader @WomenEdCanada WomenEdCanada est composé de quatre réseaux régionaux : l'Ontario, le Québec, l'Alberta et la Colombie-Britannique. Récemment, tous ces réseaux ont exprimé de la difficulté à accroître leur visibilité e...
One Foot Forward - #Highlights2021 by Jules Daulby
Jules Daulby
10% Braver
By Jules Daulby @julesdaulby 2021 was a difficult year. There were successes but often overshadowed by feelings of sadness, disappointment and failure. The only thing that kept me going at those times was the phrase I would tell myself over and over again; 'put one foot forward', because when you feel desperate it's easy to give up and that ti...

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