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Looking back and Looking ahead - #Highlights2021 Canada
Lisa Hannay
General Blogs
By Lisa Hannay @lhannay1 @WomenEdCanada  2021 saw the collaboration of our Canada networks. From the far West in British Columbia and Alberta to the Prairies of Manitoba, to Central Canada and our team in Quebec, women leaders in Education looked for ways to build our visibility and grow our networks.Our vast geography, expensive travel, and w...
So proud: #Highlights2021 by Vivienne Porritt
Vivienne Porritt
General Blogs
By Vivienne Porritt   @ViviennePorritt 2021 has been a roller coaster of a year. I felt marooned from my family who live 300 miles away, from my wonderful sisters in our Global Strategic Leaders' team, and worried for school leaders who carried a very heavy burden.Once again, #WomenEd has been my saviour as I used the available time ...
#Highlights2021 by Kerry Jordan-Daus FFCT
Kerry Jordan-Daus
10% Braver
By Kerry Jordan-Daus   @KerryJordanDaus This is a tricky one to write.  It's been a tough year for so many of us. It's been a tough year for me. The community of #WomenEd continues to be a source of inspiration and support. I am more than ever guided by my core values. Honesty, kindness, authenticity, being brave and calling out misd...
A New Teacher in COVID - #Highlights2021 Reflections on #Being10%Braver
Rebecca Sedgwick
10% Braver
By Rebecca Sedgwick I was an NQT in 2020, so my introduction into teaching has been full of COVID restrictions and regulations. I went into 2021 with mixed emotions and reflecting back, being #10%braver has been key in remaining positive in a difficult year. As an energetic, upbeat character, being 10%braver could be perceived as being something th...
#Highlights21 - Liz Gregory FCCT
Liz Gregory
10% Braver
By Liz Gregory  @lgregory1002    How have I been #10%Braver? In 2021 I took the plunge to start applying for Headships. Three years into my Deputy Headship, I knew it was a little early but thought I should start trying, to get feedback and hone my interview skills. It would also help me to decide the type of school I wante...
Brave Enough to be Me - #Highlights21 from WomenEd SouthWest
Nicola Mooney
10% Braver
By Nicola Mooney  @nicksnook  Network Lead @WomenedSW 2020, what a year. Surely 2021 can only be easier?12 months later, I hear myself again…..2021, what a year. Most of this is related to the fact that we have lived and educated through COVID, but for me this period has been an incredible journey of self discovery. Actually, that isn't e...
#Highlights21 from WomenEdEastern
Flora Burt
General Blogs
By Flora Burt  @MrsB_FCCT    Network Leader @WomenEdEastern       2021 has been a challenging year for all. However, it was also the year that I became a Network Lead for WomenEd and connected with a truly inspirational group of women in education. In recent years, I had engaged with WomenEd, howeve...
#Highlights21 from Taiwan
Jess Gosling
10% Braver
By Jess Gosling @JessGosling2 Network Lead @WomenEdTW As we near to the end of 2021, I was pleased to be given the challenge to record my highlights this year, including how I have been #10%Braver and what I have achieved. A sense of confidence and realisation of 'self' Through my writing, which includes articles for Diverse Educators, WISEducation...
Reflections on #Highlights21
Nancy Lhoest-Squicciarini
General Blogs
By Nancy Lhoest-Squicciarini @NancyinLux1 Although COVID-19 had a dominant presence, January 2021 started with a festive dinner with my family. Yet within weeks, I experienced the greatest loss, the death of my father. He was a man of great wisdom and strength … a no-nonsense type of man. I kept his death private because I did not have the words to...
2021: How have I been 10%Braver?
Dr Jill Berry
10% Braver
By Dr Jill Berry @jillberry102 After I contributed a chapter to the first #WomenEd book in 2019, we were asked to film a short video of ourselves holding the book, wearing the 10% Braver tee-shirt and explaining how we had been brave and what we might do if we were braver still. I said I'd been brave when I completed my doctorate and wrote a book a...

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