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In 2020, I’m telling guilt to get lost
Emily Rankin
by Emily Rankin @TeachRankin #PledgeForChange20 Two massive things happened for me in the second half of the 2016-17 academic year: my husband and I found out we’d been matched with our daughter and would begin temporary custody in June. I got my first Deputy Headship, to begin in August.
Changing from Commentator to Coach
10% Braver
by @DorsetSBM   #Pledgeforchange20 In September 2018 I ventured back into full time work for the first time in 15 years by taking on the Financial Business Manager (FBM) role in a school where I had been doing maternity cover in finance. The timing was right, for a change, as my youngest son was about to start middle school and would be getting a bus at 8am and not be home until 4pm; the years of doing the school run were over so now to replace it with more time spent at work!
#PledgeforChange20 #WomenEd #DGMeet
Naomi Ward
General Blogs
by Naomi Ward @naomi7444 I need to look back to look forward. The last two years have been about clarifying values and purpose, then exploring what those mean in my life after teaching. This year is about habits, consistency and discipline. Doesn’t sound that inspiring right, and yet, this is what’s needed to build on hard-won foundations. The word
#Pledge for Change 2020
Lisa Hannay
General Blogs
by Lisa Hannay @lhannay1 This blog will be a hodge podge of thoughts. It has been taking form in my mind since I signed up to write one a few weeks ago. As soon as I had registered for the blog event the word "self-deprecating" came in my head and has been rattling around ever since.
The Power of 10…how I’m 100% ready now!
Annelouise Jordan
by Annelouise Jordan @Leazy84  #Pledgeforchange20 10 years later and absolutely 10%braver! I signed up for the #WomenEd #DGMeet #Pledgeforchange20 blog event in order to see what it was all about. So, here I am and here goes…
To recognise relationships of privilege over vulnerability.
Jules Daulby
General Blogs
by Jules Daulby @JulesDaulby  #PledgeForChange20 He ran at us aggressively. His arms spread out wide and he was roaring loudly. A moment of fear for us until he stopped inches from our faces and then he walked away, laughing with his friends.I was with my daughters (aged 11 and 14) on the 22nd December in Canterbury.
This one is personal, In 2020 I pledge to amplify my voice….
Claire Erasmus
10% Braver
by Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach #PledgeForChange20 My son has been on the mental health disability register since he was 9 years old ; we only managed to get C.A.M.H.S intervention when he reached secondary school. He is now in his teens and despite a situation which is becoming more challenging we can only secure a monthly appointment with a C.A.M.H.S therapist. It feels like a drop in the ocean in terms of the clinical support my son really needs.
Sitting with my Gremlins
Amy Carson
Imposter Syndrome
by Amy Carson @TitchyDitch #PledgeForChange20 I have the pleasure of working with @cerasmusteach, in fact she's my line manager. A few weeks ago she came into my classroom and invited me to write a blog for her #WomenEd #DGmeet to #PledgeForChange2020.   My initial thoughts were 'What would I write about?' then 'Who would be interested in reading what I have to say?'
Stepping in and Stepping out: maternity leave on Senior Leadership Team
Madeleine Fresko-Brown
by Madeleine Fresko-Brown    @M_X_F When I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, I got offered my first SLT position as Assistant Head Teacher (Teaching & Learning). Since then, I have enjoyed 2 maternity leaves - I’m coming to the end of my second one now - and had a successful year and a half of working full time in the position.
Books for teachers and school leaders 2019
10% Braver
Taken from @SchoolsWeek  https://schoolsweek.co.uk/books-for-teachers-and-school-leaders-2019/ We are thrilled to have been included in the top ten books for teachers and leaders for 2019, as reviewed by Schools Week ??? 'For women in education. 10% Braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education by Vivienne Porritt and Keziah Featherstone (and #WomenEd)  Publisher: Sage Publishing
Jessica Webster
By Jessica Webster @jgroteweb Collaboration has been a key to success both personally and professionally for me. Often educational leaders are faced with tough decisions that require complex solutions. By collaborating with others, soliciting multiple viewpoints and welcoming those stakeholders with diverse experiences, issues are framed and solutions are provided that allow for growth.
'But don't you miss her, Miss?'
Kaley Louise
Unconscious Gender Bias
by Kaley Louise @MrsRileyEng Since returning to work, from maternity leave, I have been asked- numerous times- ‘How do you do it?’, ‘Don’t you miss her?’, ‘Are you afraid you’ll miss out on something precious?’ and questions of their kin, numerous times. But always by adults.  Until today.
From SBM to COO – an Origins Story
Abigal Evans
by Abigal Evans @LwLAT_COO I’ve been reflecting on what actually inspired me to set off, tentatively, down the road from School Business Manager (SBM)  to Chief Operating Officer (COO) and have narrowed it down to two significant light bulb moments. 
The dreaded letter
Womens Health
by Anonymous The dreaded letter…. Turning twenty five was a big deal for me. I mean, I was turning a quarter of a century old. But along with gifts from family and friends, turning twenty five brings another little present for women up and down the country. The dreaded letter.
The reason
General Blogs
by Anonymous I have met some truly inspiring people who have shown me kindness; given me the strength to carry on; and believed in me, when I never did. I am forever grateful to them for giving me the encouragement to share my story – Thank you.
With age comes wisdom…?
Kate Sawyer
by Kate Sawyer @Dorastar1 With age comes wisdom someone probably old and wise once said, and yes supposedly it does. What they forgot to mention was everything else that comes with age. As someone who has the shadow of a 50th birthday rapidly approaching (it’s not till early next year so I can ignore it for now) I am more and more aware of the added pressures that age brings.

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