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Leading without a title
It’s a funny thing, going from huge responsibility for the running of the school to…nothing. After planning my lessons, marking my books, and printing my resources, I simply…go home. At breaks and lunchtimes I sit and eat my lunch, have a chat, surreptitiously check the BBC news website. It’s liberating, it’s relaxing, it’s peaceful, calming and it’s stress free. It’s weird.
Jill Berry
by Jill Berry @JillBerry102 On Sunday 12th January 2020, the wonderful Caroline Spalding led an #SLTchat discussion on the subject of Motivation, and this made me thoughtful. I’ve mentioned motivation in a number of blog posts, but have never written a post specifically focussed on the subject. Until today.
Having it All?
Nicola Mooney
General Blogs
by Nicola Mooney @nicksnook I was reading through Twitter posts the other day about the possibility of holding down a full time teaching (or even leadership) post and winning at the parenting thing. It got me thinking about the sentence ‘having it all’ – as if managing to do both brings some sort of glorified sense of satisfaction that you can get from having a career and having a bunch of mini me’s running around……. and maybe there is.
Mary Bridget Burns
General Blogs
by Mary Bridget Burns @MaryBridgetEdu Networking. It's a concept that has gained significance in recent years, but often associated with bankers and business leaders, politicians or pundits. Rarely do educators come to mind when networking is discussed. Rather, teachers and building leaders are encouraged to consider how to participate actively in their in-school Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) or to consider ways to get involved with the school or district's Instructional Learning Teams (ILTs).
Priorities and Sticking My Neck Out.
Imposter Syndrome
by Emma @pedoughty A fair amount of time has passed since my first blog, mainly because I don’t really think people will want to read anything I say! However, #WomenEd has, as usual, been my inspiration/kick up the backside. When I saw the campaign to share pledges for 2020 #pledgeforchange I thought right I am going to sign up and that will make me do it.
Job, Life and living.
Julie Hunter
Womens Health
by Julie Hunter @MsHMFL  @PledgeForChange20 There have been lots of press articles recently about lack of teachers and there being a recruitment problem. I have experienced the lack of retention of superbly talented teachers who are leaving due to work place demands. A colleague went on jury service and came back, resigning immediately. The reason being they had seen friends, family and had quality time to think about life.
Using our Voices to Promote Flexible Working Opportunities for All #PledgeForChange20
Kate Smith
By Kate Smith @MrsKatieSmith I write this blog just a few weeks after Sir Andrew Carter’s most unhelpful comments about how it is ‘wrong and immoral’ for teachers to ask for their hours to be reduced after taking on full-time jobs.
Lose the guilt #PledgeForChange20
by @MrsB_hums Since having my first daughter in 2014, I have experienced many emotions – love, contentment, stress, desperation, absolute joy but most regularly, guilt. Guilt about my role as a mother, guilt about my role as a wife, guilt about my role as a teacher and leader in school.
I will be confident in being me. #PledgeForChange20
Fey Cole
General Blogs
by Fey Cole @ColeFey Christmas is always a time that brings a lot of reflection for me. I’m not one for New Year’s Eve resolutions but I do like to take stock and consider what is on the horizon. As we go into 2020 that feels more important than ever.
Working alongside #WomenEd for equality. #PledgeForChange20
Kyra Kellawan
10% Braver
by Kyra Kellawan  @kyra_kellawan In late April this year, a friend and colleague-at-large of mine posted out to some of her contacts on LinkedIn about an education festival at her school in Switzerland and explained that she was looking for more female participants from other schools. There was a special code she gave out, and that was enough to pique my interest.
Surviving a demotion: believing in myself and rebuilding confidence
Lucy Flower
10% Braver
by Lucy Flower @MrsLFlower  #PledgeForChange20 The awkward, quick smiles. The questioning glances. The open, naked curiosity. The conversations that stop when you enter a room. Recently, I was demoted from my leadership role.
Fire in my belly #PledgeForChange20
Caroline Doolan
10% Braver
by Caroline Doolan  @caroline_doolan I’ve been in my current school for almost 4 years and I’ve absolutely loved it. It made me grow as a leader. And as a person. In my previous school I was Head of English in a Secondary school in Luton and let’s just say it was time for me to move on. When I saw an advert for Head of English in a school in London back in 2016 I jumped at the chance and decided to put into practice what I had learned and be an even better leader. 
The Education Roundabout #PledgeForChange20
Nicola Mooney
General Blogs
 by Nicola Mooney @nicksnook When I entered teaching I was told that there is never anything new in education, that on a cyclical basis everything goes round again. I have now done a complete cycle.
A New Identity #PledgeForChange20
Charlie Kraig
General Blogs
by Charlie Kraig @cvkraig How to write a blog post for #WomenEd Sign up for the online event via eventbrite. Add the event to your calendar. Lose track of days while visiting family. Never check your calendar.
Allowing My Most Authentic Self to Rise
Anni Poole
General Blogs
by Anni Poole @AnniPoole #PledgeForChange Standing to face each new dawn – the rise of authenticity for every woman.As women or as #HeForShe supporters, I am pledging my support for the celebration of authenticity in our lives. It's more than OK to be wholly ME!
#PledgeForChange20 - my first blog
Claire Lowe
by Claire Lowe @ExecPrincipal    @CharlieMackesy The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse Ever since I can remember I wanted to teach.  At an early age I used to love playing schools with my little sister, she was always the pupil, and, at my forward thinking primary school, I had the privilege of being a teacher for a day – first one in my class to have the honour of doing it and I loved it, the planning, prepping and thinking all at the tender age of 10!

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