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What the xxxx is normal?(!)
Kerry Jordan-Daus
by Kerry Jordan-Daus @KerryJordanDaus Thank you Francesca Martinez for your beautiful book, What the xxxx is normal? (!). It’s been on my reading list for some time, but in the COVID-19 lockdown context, well I was looking for something to read, and there it was. And it was just what I needed to read. Because this certainly is not xxxxxxx normal! But it’s important that I make it normal because what is normal?
Interviews: Grill them, grilling you.
Kalely Riley
by Kaley Riley @MrsRileyEnglish On Friday, I attended an interview. On arrival, the other candidates and I got chatting. We all spoke about our current roles, why we had applied and the usual, tense pre-interview small talk amongst competitors who are- essentially- trying to scope one another out. I mentioned, as part of this small talk, that I had applied a year ago for the same school, and a similar role, but was unsuccessful. I could see their surprise.  ‘Oh really? Why were you not appointed?’  ‘It is very brave to apply again after getting knocked back!’ They were right. It was brave, but it was also telling of my commitment to wanting the role (albeit, this time around, much more senior), my resilience and of my sheer dogged determination.
What Next for #WomenEd?
WomenEd Strategic Leaders
General Blogs
by @WomenEd Strategic Leaders        @AlisonKiel @EquitableEd @JulesDaulby @keziah70 @LizAMFree @ViviennePorritt #WomenEd is hurtling towards its fifth birthday in May and, when we pause to reflect, we have collectively achieved so much. Five years ago, the original founders shared a collective vision of what we hoped to achieve and agreed an initial strategy to achieve this.
Courage calls to Courage Everywhere
Christina Watson
10% Braver
by Christina Watson @cmw_kendal In January 2019 I moved 9000 miles to the unique and beautiful Falkland Islands to be a Deputy Headteacher and, after deciding I could be 10%braver, I became Principal of the small secondary school in September 2020.
The 10%braver Muliplier Effect
10% Braver
by Anonymous @noonetoldmehow Just over a year ago I went to my first WomenEd Unconference. I was nervous, I knew no one in the community and I didn’t quite know what I was doing there, going for, or looking for. I met a wonderful community of women and men who were just interested in the female perspective. But the one message that stood out above all else was the call to all attending or viewing online to be 10%Braver.
COVID-19 forces educational and societal reform
Dr Deborah Netolicky
General Blogs
by Dr Deborah Netolicky @debsnet The last couple of weeks have been hectic around the world and the pace of change at all levels has been rapid and relentless. In Australian schools, leadership teams and teachers have been preparing for distance learning.
Value your tribe
Debs Jewell
General Blogs
by Debs Jewell @jewellsjournal   Image: The Tree of Life - by Gustav Klimt, 1905   We bandy about the term ‘It’s okay to not be okay’, heck I’ve thrown it out there into the world myself, and with the best intentions. But … is it?  Is it really okay to not be okay?
General Blogs
by Anoymous Your discomfort is palpable as the questions draw to an end. The parent governor on the panel is smiling warmly, but I can see that, although my performance today makes me the strongest of all the candidates, you are hesitant about employing me.
Schools Closed, Exams Cancelled…Now What?
Katie Ridgway
General Blogs
by Katie Ridgway @MissMeeks14 ‘What-if’s’ and ‘maybe’s’ move erratically through my mind. Tonight, sleep eludes me, like it will be for many of my colleagues in the education sector. I have an anxiety disorder and have recently completed a course of CBT, but right now my breathing pattern strategies are of no help to me.
Flexible working isn’t just for mums, but it IS a women’s issue.
Lindsay Patience
by Lindsay Patience, (Flexible Teacher Talent) @mumsyme @FlexTeachTalent We set up Flexible Teacher Talent because Lucy Rose and I were frustrated by the lack of flexible working options for female leaders in education and we wanted to help stem the flow of female teachers (particularly mums) aged 30-39 from our schools. Our research, campaigning and work with schools have all contributed to a realisation that flexible working isn’t just for mums. The benefits are multifaceted and the desire and reasons for wanting to work flexibility are diverse.
The harder journey
Kathryn Evans
General Blogs
by Kathryn Evans @purekathryn76 My husband has often mused that if I have the option of two different pathways, I will always choose the harder journey. To this, I always reply that the journey may be hard but the learning will be of greater value and the sense of achievement even greater I am incredibly proud of the success of the @WomenEDSE #LeadMeet on International Women’s Day 2020, which was held at my workplace, Archbishop Courtenay Primary School in Maidstone, Kent. The sense of team, collaboration, community and support was tangible.
Strength in our Vulnerabilities
Kate Brown
General Blogs
by Kate Brown @katebrown2016      Thursday 5th March: #LeadMeet for #IWD2020 at Dr Challoner’s High School, Buckinghamshire.  There is an undeniable irony in that even as I write this blog, I am all too aware of the fact that the reason I have never published my reflections previously is the belief that my thoughts are not as interesting, engaging or impactful as those of the Edu-Twitter community that regularly share their ideas and whom I admire.
When women gather.. #IWD2020
Lisa Hannay
General Blogs
By Lisa Hannay  @lhannay1 Friday, March 6 marked @WomenEdAlberta’s second #LeadMeet in honor of International Women’s Day 2020. Planning began a few months back and much to my delight and surprise @cvkraig traveled all the way from Lloydminster, Alberta, a wee 6 hour drive from Calgary. Here lies the obstacle of “in real life” events in Alberta, never mind Canada. Our country is beautiful and magnificent but massive in terms of geography.
Power of Connection #IWD2020
Charlie Kraig
General Blogs
by Charlie Kraig @cvkraig My pre-event warm up was a 545 km drive from Lloydminster to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Not only was the sun shining, and I was traveling without my tiny humans, I was able to listen to the CBC Massey Lectures 2019 with Sally Armstrong entitled Power Shift: The Longest Revolution. It was wonderful! My feminist heart was singing.
Turning failure into a positive
Debs Jewell
10% Braver
by Debs Jewell @jewellsjournal It has been many years since I flexed my blogging muscles but this seemed a good post to start with. The first of a series of posts containing a collaborative pooling of ideas about dreams, friendships, networks, support, helping each other to navigate the daily grind, empowering a tribe, assembling a crew … you get the picture.
Courage and compassion: leadership that builds community
Elise Ecoff
by Elise Ecoff @EliseEcoff        Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash For most of us, the first community we know is the one we are born into: our family and relatives, neighbors, and friends. As we grow, we begin formal education and learn we can belong to communities that are our own, separate from our families, where we begin to carve out our identity. Being part of a class, team or club further expands our understanding of what it means to belong.

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