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Fear: a barrier that became my tool
Kaley Riley
10% Braver
by Kaley Riley @MrsRileyEng #BirthdayCelebration Four years ago, I was asked by my then Head of Department/Assistant Teacher (and, one of my loveliest friends), if I would present on some of my marking ideas at The Priory Witham TeachMeet. I hesitated, and I was nervous, but I said yes. At this point, I was not very far into my teaching career, and public speaking to peers had always been something that I struggled with and wished to overcome. Nobody really believed it when I told them how I hated public speaking.
What has #WomenEd done for me?
Lucy Hemsley
10% Braver
by Lucy Hemsley @CheltTeacher  #BirthdayCelebration I do not over-exaggerate when I say reading 10%Braver changed my life: it dramatically changed how I view myself and my career. I wrote about the book when I first read it. But the book was just the beginning of my relationship with #WomenEd. This is what #WomenEd has done for me.
Happy birthday #WomenEd
Yamina Bibi
10% Braver
by Yamina Bibi @msybibi  #BirthdayCelebration I amended my talk for the launch of WomenEd Bedfordshire on 4th May 2020 to let me wish #WomenEd a happy birthday. #WomenEd has changed my life. I have noticed my courage growing since #WomenEd community embraced me. You have all helped me to accept myself and provided me with opportunities beyond my expectations.  #WomenEd, you have allowed me to dream again and for this, I am forever grateful!
Time for men to ‘woman up’! The #HeForSheAtHome challenge
Patrick Ottley-O'Conner
Gendered Stereotypes
by Patrick Ottley-O'Conner @ottleyoconnor   Father and Husband   The United Nations @HeForShe movement has reported that they are seeing the stereotypical gender roles of women at home become more apparent during lockdown and want to highlight positive male models with their new lockdown hashtag of #HeForSheAtHome. Globally women do more than men at home and @HeForShe are asking men to share photos to amplify support & show how you are being #HeForSheAtHome and amplify the aspiration for gender equality.
#WomenEd, Karen and me.
Rachel Stone
by Rachel Stone @SBMCoventry   #BirthdayCelebration Well, here I am writing a blog for the first time. Why now? Well, probably because I have always been encouraged behind the scenes by Hilary Goldsmith, aka @SBL365, since I joined #SBLtwitter but politely ignored the challenge, until now. It has always been on my tah-dah list to write a blog post, but I have just never really had the confidence to do so. My fears? Would others find me interesting? What could I say to make a difference to someone else? Am I gifted enough to be a writer? I have read so many great things that have made me punch the air in delight for the genuine achievements of some School Business Managers. How could I possibly compete and make a difference?
Missing the Moment
Elise Escoff
Gendered Stereotypes
by Elise Ecoff @EliseEcoff      #BirthdayCelebration   Photo by Rampal Singh on Unsplash Quarantine. Lockdown. Social distancing. Whatever you choose to call the way in which we’ve lived the last few pandemic-filled months, it has clearly been a period in our existence like none other. Endless time spent at home has made us keenly aware of the days, hours, minutes, and moments in our lives as they slowly tick by. And the collective experience of women during this period has been particularly challenging.
Will you ask that little girl to play with me? What #WomenEd has done for me.
Jackie Hill
10% Braver
by Jackie Hill @hill1_jackie    #BirthdayCelebration I didn’t know where to start when trying to say what #WomenEd has done for me. There is simply so much I could say … Should I explain how #WomenEd has helped me to discover the power of Twitter? It's a fantastic source of CPD, as well as connecting me to the EduTwitter community all over the world.
Caitlin Bracken
Unconscious Gender Bias
by Caitlin Bracken @LittleMissB_NQT This is not the blog I expected to write today. I was almost sure I wouldn’t be able to harness the enormous theme of ‘respect’ into something brief and engaging enough for a #DailyWritingChallenge entry… and then a very good friend, an NHS paediatric nurse, brought something to my attention that boiled my blood.
Forming an opinion
Lucy Flower
Imposter Syndrome
by Lucy Flower @MrsLFlower 'What do you think Lucy?' A table full of expectant faces crowd my vision. I feel the familiar and tell-tale flush of heat crawl up my neck as I consider what to say. In truth, I have no idea what to think. Usually I make do with a thoughtful nod to someone else’s point of view, increasing in vigour the more eloquently they articulate themselves. Panicking, I echo someone else’s words, and slump in relief when attention shifts away from me.
Impact of #WomenEd for me.
Katie Ridgway
10% Braver
by Katie Ridgway @MissMeeks14  #BirthdayCelebration At #WomenEd we often talk about impact and with the movement’s fifth birthday around the corner, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the profound impact being part of this group has had on me. 

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