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The Power of Women United #EmbraceEquity #IWD2023
Yasmin Ariff
General Blogs
By Yasmin Ariff    @AriffYasmin Just before the pandemic started in 2020, I attended my first women's networking event hosted by #WomenEd London at Sarah Bonnell School in London. I don't think I had ever existed in a space like I did that day. I felt: An unspoken kind of safety, knowing that this community embodied inclusivity Increasing...
Our beautiful, messy rainbow. #EmbraceEquity #IWD2023
Parmjeet Plummer
General Blogs
By beautiful, messy rainbow Parmjeet Plummer @ParmPlummer The 8th of March has become a day that holds significance and power for me in recent years. In the past, if I am honest, it has passed me by. Yet another tokenistic day to recognise something that, all things being considered, should not require it. Every day should be for men and women, all...
Not Looking Outwards... Becoming the Woman I Want To Be
Lucie Ager
General Blogs
By Lucie Ager   @lucie_ager A thought from #WomenEd sparks my need to write. Was I the woman I wanted to be? This question came to me on the back of a comment on a post on LinkedIn with the artwork of a female profile and the words 'I love the person I've become because I fought to become her', which is catchy and massively thought-provok...
The Old Women Club #EmbraceEquity #IWD2023
Keziah Featherstone
General Blogs
By Keziah Featherstone   @keziah70     When I was younger and at the start of my career, I fought for myself and I fought for the kids. Having spent the vast majority of my career serving communities experiencing substantial and layered disadvantage, there was much to fight for. With regards to myself, I was a gobby working clas...
Embracing ALL School Staff #EmbraceEquity #IWD2023
Sue Prickett
By Sue Prickett    @ruralSBM     The role of School Business Leader (SBL) in schools is often overlooked when describing the make-up of Senior Leadership Teams. Since the growth of the SBL sector joining social media channels, at last colleagues are finding strength and confidence in numbers, but are they finding the right suppo...
The Path to Equity #EmbraceEquity
Vivienne Porritt
By Vivienne Porritt   @ViviennePorritt Our team of Global Strategic Leaders were thrilled we gained Registered Charity status before Christmas. It was even more special as these are the charitable objects we want to achieve: to promote equality and diversity for the public benefit by eliminating discrimination on the grounds of gender by raisi...
‘You have to see it to be it’: trying to combine motherhood and a career
Hannah Duncan
By Hannah Duncan   @heduncan Combining work and motherhood is possible. It is also possible to thrive and progress in your career. But often, as mother teachers, we feel these things are not possible for us. Too many teachers leave the classroom after becoming mothers (see the MTPTProject's excellent Light Research project where they delve int...
Be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable
Lucie Ager
By Lucie Ager   @lucie_ager On 30th January, 2023, #WomenEdSE hosted an amazing and inspiring event for #WomenEd at my workplace. I planned the style of the event to a tee, from creatives and catering to the finer detail of purple and grey balloons; the colours of #WomenEd's logo. The room, filled with 70 or so women leaders and two of my male...
The Power of @WomenEd Networking
Nasima Riazat
General Blogs
By Nasima Riazat   @NSRiazat 'Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher' Oprah Winfrey When I set up my @NSRiazat account on Twitter in 2009, at the time it was still a social media platform which was still forming with few people using it. I can remember the very early days of watching and interacting with the @Women...
Jacinda Ardern: a very human leader
Viv Griffiths
By Viv Griffiths Jacinda Ardern's resignation announcement last week, without apparent prior warning, naturally came as a shock. She gave a characteristically honest and at times emotional speech explaining her reasons for stepping down from her role as prime minister of New Zealand: "Politicians are human. We give all that we can, for as long as w...

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