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Digital Strategic Lead? Navigating the CPD journey #WomenEdTech

By Clare Erasmus  @cerasmusteach Welcome to the final blog in our series of seven tech blogs from the inaugural meeting of our new private space for #WomenEdTech. Here, Clare takes a look at her path to becoming a digital strategic lead. A few years ago I was Head of the Digital Tech subjects and the Senior Mental Health Lead at my school. In ...

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Virtual Reality In Teaching Must Be About More Than Riding Rollercoasters #WomenEdTech

By Kate Sida-Nicholls @SidaNicholls The use of technology in teaching and learning has developed exponentially since COVID.  Three years ago, colleagues from the #EdTech world were confused and disheartened about how teachers could not appear to accept the opportunities that the use of technology could have on supporting their teaching and wor...

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Accessibility for all #WomenEdTech

By Sammy White @WhatTheTrigMath "All technology is assistive technology." Carol Allen's words are ringing in my ears from this #EdTech Show from last year hosted by Bukky Yusuf.  All technology assists us, makes things easier, that's why we use it.  Some technology, though, is essential for some users. For example, text to speech software...

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New Year, New #WomenEdTech - Finding a Safe Space for all Women in EdTech

by Bukky Yusuf @rondelle10_b and Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach Who We Are, by Bukky Yusuf In 2013, when I started my whole school leadership role, enhancing teaching and learning using mobile devices, I looked to connect with other educators that had current #EdTech (Educational Technology) experiences.  However, I struggled to find women worki...

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Careers awareness in primary schools: Putting the ‘Ed’ in #EdTech. #WomenEdTech

by Lou Doyle @LouiseMesma Whilst the statistics vary depending on the source you use and the definition of what sits in the 'digital' sector, women make up approximately a quarter of the workforce. Even less in leadership roles. Overall, the pace of progress to close the gap is at a snail's pace. Yet we have the inverse of that figure in the educat...

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What is Jasper AI and how can it be used as a Virtual Assistant in education? #WomenEdTech

by Frances Akinde @frankietweetart I have become fascinated with the increasing use of AI platforms and how this can be applied to Education. Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that allows users to create virtual assistants and automate processes. It can be used to create an AI-powered assistant to help with tasks, such as schedu...

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What exactly is #EdTech Leadership? #WomenEdTech

By Neelam Parmar @neelamaparmar1 LinkedIN Welcome to the first of SEVEN blogs from attendees of our inaugural #WomenEdDigiMeet held last week, which we will publish over the coming days. First up, we have Neelam, who asks what makes a #EdTech Leader? I have had this question posed to me many times. For anyone interested in a #EdTech leadership...

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The Importance of Female Leadership in the Education Technology Space

By Laura Bain  @LaruBain#breakthebias #womenintech #edtech Just as we are shaped and influenced by our environment, so too are technology products as they are developed. When the teams that are developing, designing and deploying these products lack diversity, bias unavoidably creeps in. Examples of gender bias are already evident in Artificia...

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Being 10% Braver: #IAmWriting.

by Vivienne Porritt @ViviennePorritt

We started WomenEd because women's voices on twitter were often silenced, harrassed or our views were not valued. It's one of the reasons we included a mic in our logo. So we encouraged women to tweet and to write blogs to tell our stories and share our lived experience. 

One of the reasons we wrote 10%braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education was to ensure the voices of our community reached women who are not on twitter. And over 30 voices are included in Being 10% Braver which, joyously, is published this December - you can pre-order and it's a great Christmas present! And we are delighted to share more opportunities for our community to write and to be heard.

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