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by Caroline Verdant @cazyv

Must you see the colour of my skin?
Does it change the fact that I want to win!
What is the goal? What is the prize?
If the colour of my skin is my demise!

Do you see the colour of my heart?
As your hurtful words pierce it like a dart.
Our blood is the same, I feel no shame.
I will stand strong for the colour of my skin.

Black skin, brown skin, light skin, red skin, white skin, why so many skins?

Take it away and what do you have?

Take it away and what do you have?

Flesh and bones.
Heart and soul.
Struggles and fears.
Unanswered questions.
A spirit filled with hopes, dreams and beauty within.
The tears that I cry can not hide the pain, yet there is still joy in the heart to you want to destroy.

But my skin does not define who I am...
Do YOU still see colour?
Then you are blind to the fact that it is just...

Shared as a result of Caroline's presentation @WomenEd global unconference 2021. 

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Thursday, 08 June 2023

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