Priorities and Sticking My Neck Out.

by Emma @pedoughty

A fair amount of time has passed since my first blog, mainly because I don’t really think people will want to read anything I say! However, #WomenEd has, as usual, been my inspiration/kick up the backside. When I saw the campaign to share pledges for 2020 #pledgeforchange I thought right I am going to sign up and that will make me do it.

Sure enough, here I am. I have of course missed the proposed deadline. Purposely. You see I have two pledges this year. The first is to get my priorities right. It is the Christmas holidays and the start of the new term marks the real end of my maternity leave with Thing 2. So I knew I wanted to write another blog and make myself accountable to these pledges, however, the timeframe didn’t work for me. Thing 1 and Thing 2 took total priority of my time, my energy and my thoughts. It is important to me to write this but it wasn’t a priority over the weekend. It feels somewhat strange that I am proud of the fact that I have started well on my pledge by missing a deadline. Instead we met friends for a walk and a freezing cold sandwich stop, sat on the raincover of the pram to avoid wet bottoms. We jumped in muddy puddles, threw the ball a million times for the crazy dog and generally had a lovely time.    Mission accomplished.

My second pledge feels like a bit of a contradiction to the above. But here it is. 'Stop waiting for someone to gift you opportunities.'

That’s what I have been doing, quietly grumbling about being overlooked, not being valued and not progressing as I would like. Well that stops here. During the last week of term I returned to my middle leader post without a timetable and just some space to get back into the swing and catch up: @maternitycpd,  I know you will smile at that. I have been working hard while off to make the most of my MTPT accreditation and upskill my pedagogy. As a PE teacher I feel this is rarely something I am associated with. Buoyed by the Rosenshine principles masterclass I attended I went to see the deputy head leading inset on the first day to see if I could share some of the things I had picked up. Turns out the training wasn’t on what I thought it was! However, it was on curriculum and she offered me the opportunity to lead some of this whole school. BINGO!

I need this opportunity for my own confidence and for my progression.

I felt like a first class prat going and asking for the opportunity to lead some training. My inner gremlin quietly whispering (shouting) that if they thought I was good enough they would have asked me first. But my pledge is to stop waiting for an invitation and to instead just take my seat at the table. Unless it is another department's table in the staff room – that would be a step too far!


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