New role, New school, New normal

Biggest challenge? Going from a school knowing more or less everyone’s name, including most students (having been there forever) to feeling rude every other time you talk to someone. I feel like walking around with a badge saying, “Hi, I’m Mrs Taylor and you are?*sorryififorgot”

Best bit? Knowing that the research, coaching and soul searching about whether this was the right time, the right Trust and the right school for me paid off. I could not feel more at home. I have been made to feel so welcomed and valued. The staff are brilliant. The kids are brilliant. The community across the Trust is exciting.

Top tip? Walk into an interview being the best that you can be. If it’s right, it will happen. Oh, as always, Vivienne’s advice of ‘slap on fake confidence like we do fake tan!’ Tends to be you end up more confident as a result. ????????????


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