Menoss #WorldMenopauseDay2019

by  Jules Daulby  @JulesDaulby 


Her tears, her fears. Fuck! Her anxiety.

Nervous, jittery, lost her glitter edge.

Discombobulated identity.

Mind drawn backwards and forwards through a hedge.

Heat, chill, flushes, Fuck! Her hot cold sweating.

Scales raise eyebrows, metabolism sleeps.

Period skips a month, peri what ing?

In the corridor insomnia creeps.

Anger turns; ‘wanker’ shouted from nowhere.

Rising irritability explodes

Don’t give a shittery; not fair? Who cares?

Oh, apologies, don’t mind me, fat toads.

Yet from the broken vessel, through a crack,

Comes bold and fierce Menoss who’s got your back.

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