Imposter Syndrome: Will the real leader please stand up?

by Biljana Torbakova @btorbakova

This unconference was my first experience of #WomenEd and it was a great one.

Ironically, as I commenced my presentation on Imposter Syndrome, or Imposter Feeling (which for me is a better way to describe these temporary feelings), I felt like an Imposter at that particular moment!

We have so much unlearning ahead of us.


The sessions I saw on Sunday 4 October left me feeling empowered and ready for next steps. I think it is important for each of us to know that we are ready, right now, for taking on challenges like these (whether it be presenting at an unconference, asking for the things you need at work, applying for that next role).

IS 1


We do not need to know it all, just that we will do what it takes when the obstacle presents itself.

I say take the plunge. Raise your hand to speak. Speak at a conference. Go naked! Without slides!

IS 2

Whatever it takes, just connect!





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