by Christalla Jamil @ChristallaJ (National Leader for @WomenEdEngland)

 This year’s International Women's Day 2021 was marked by a campaign focused on 'challenge'. When we support each other, women accomplish amazing things. For me, once again, this was illustrated on Saturday 6th March when the three regional networks that I am honoured to work with, gave a platform to a community of new voices to share how they #ChoosetoChallenge. I would like to extend my thanks to all three #WomenEd regions: @WomenEdSE, @WomenEdEastern and @WomenEdLondon.

Thank you for taking the events to amazing heights of success. Without your hard work and dedication the events would not have materialised. They were both thought-provoking events that encouraged us to reflect on our own actions as we challenge inequity and look to seek out and celebrate women's achievements. 

WomenEdLondonby Claire Lotriet @OhLottie

Hidden securely behind the scenes, busily tweeting away, I experienced the joy of seeing what happens when women celebrate one another’s accomplishments. We are all lifted up. Together women can do more, go further, and change the world. Year on year my, through my #WomenEd connections, my network grows. As an organisation, our impact spreads wider. When I search for the many benefits that the pandemic has brought to us, I can clearly see that connecting through virtual platforms has become stronger, more effective and has simultaneously eliminated some geographical and financial obstacles that may have prevented us meeting before.

WomenEd networks 2

Both events were supported by women all over the world, not just the UK. All three regions @WomenEdSE @WomenEdEastern and @WomenEdLondon had local, national and global audiences.

Women can be powerful allies for each other at work but also in our private lives. Together we can level the playing field and travel faster to achieving our goals.

We amplify each other’s voices. We are assertive and confident. We know where to look and how to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. We support each other through choppy waters and often throw out rubber rings in recognition of the need to guide, the need to mentor and the need to grow through coaching. We look for opportunities to aid growth.

Coaching is a great way for female leaders to reach back to help all women at different stages in their careers and also early in their careers.  Looking to extend our success further, @WomenEdEngland is now actively seeking to do more and be more involved with Early Career Teachers.

Finally, I’d like to end by stating that we know the power of unity, and when woman come together to support each other it is nothing less than a storm. So continue to be the woman who lifts other women and supports them. Strong women never pull each other down, instead they show appreciation, they empower and they change the world!

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