by #WomenEd Strategic Leaders


#WomenEd is in its sixth year and we have, in that time, changed beyond our earliest imaginings. Our core strategic group has changed many times also and we have always sought the strongest and most committed voices to steer the group.

We as individuals and as a group are far from perfect. We acknowledge our privilege and seek to listen. We know sometimes we get things wrong and we seek to learn. We always want to put things right and respond quickly to do this. Not everyone will agree with us. Dissenting and disruptive voices are encouraged and welcomed.

The relentless work we do as volunteers, along with the current situation adversely and appallingly affecting members of our community, can put a strain on our capacity. Other things become more important and priorities change.

We are therefore very sad to announce that both Sameena and Alison are no longer members of the #WomenEd Strategic Leaders.

Sameena was a co-founder and has been a strategic leader since the beginning. She is a compassionate and committed woman who has dedicated her career to equity, particularly in Yorkshire. She has chosen to focus on her family at this time and she will be greatly missed. She has always championed black and brown women, always making us reflect and consider how #WomenEd can support our sisters. She facilitated the setting up of the #WomenEd MENA team and her legacy continues to grow.

Following an inspirational key note at our 2018 #WomenEd Unconference, Alison joined the Strategic Group. She always challenged us to think harder about the experience of black women and about structural racism, as well as our collective and individual responsibility in actively confronting implicit and explicit racism. It is the right time for her to concentrate on this as the integral focus of her works.

Both phenomenal women certainly leave the #WomenEd community in a stronger place and one in which we are better placed to amplify the voices of black and brown women. We will miss their wisdom and sisterhood.

#WomenEd will now reflect for a few weeks on how we can continue to grow ethically, ensure we support all women in education and ensure we are truly diverse role models.

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