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The Power of 10…how I’m 100% ready now!

by Annelouise Jordan @Leazy84  #Pledgeforchange20

10 years later and absolutely 10%braver! I signed up for the #WomenEd #DGMeet #Pledgeforchange20 blog event in order to see what it was all about. So, here I am and here goes…

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By Jessica Webster @jgroteweb

Collaboration has been a key to success both personally and professionally for me. Often educational leaders are faced with tough decisions that require complex solutions. By collaborating with others, soliciting multiple viewpoints and welcoming those stakeholders with diverse experiences, issues are framed and solutions are provided that allow for growth.

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From SBM to COO – an Origins Story

by Abigal Evans @LwLAT_COO

I’ve been reflecting on what actually inspired me to set off, tentatively, down the road from School Business Manager (SBM)  to Chief Operating Officer (COO) and have narrowed it down to two significant light bulb moments. 

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With age comes wisdom…?

by Kate Sawyer @Dorastar1

With age comes wisdom someone probably old and wise once said, and yes supposedly it does. What they forgot to mention was everything else that comes with age. As someone who has the shadow of a 50th birthday rapidly approaching (it’s not till early next year so I can ignore it for now) I am more and more aware of the added pressures that age brings.

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A little more kindness and no more lemons

By Sue Plant @PlantPlant4Sue

I have been reading a lot recently about ethical leadership. It coincided with preparing to speak at the 5th UK #WomenEd Unconference. I haven't been reading just for that purpose though, it is something that interests me and therefore I want to know more. The more I read, the more questions I have.

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By @WomenEd_US and Kimberly Lane Clark @askatechnogirl

Making professional connections is vital to an educational leader’s success. If you don’t have a strong support system around you, it’s essential to find ways to structure a meaningful support system, whether through face to face communication or technology. Connections are all about shared values.

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Know we are enough

by Julie Ricketts @DOpsSBL (ISBL Fellow)

The beginning of October saw my three-year anniversary working as a School Business Leader – an anniversary I never thought would arrive. Not because I don’t love what I do, but more that I had made a decision some years ago that my school-based career days were over, and it was time to try something new.

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Broken branches help you fly

by Binks Neate-Evans    @BinksNeateEvans (Executive Principal, Evolution Trust)

I have recently blogged about disappointment for @headsroundtable here where I refer to disappointment on a spectrum with hope.

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First headship

by Emma Grundy @MsGundry

I am at the end of week 3 of my first headship and it is both better and worse than I’d imagined.

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Leadership for career changers

By Anonymous

Going into teaching in my 30s, after seven years in Marketing and Sales wasn’t easy, but it has been fulfilling and has made me think very differently about what counts for experience and skill in the workplace.

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