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Be an agent of change to #BreakTheBias - #IWD2022

by Kerry Jordan-Daus @kerryjordandaus I considered myself a rank outsider. But I had nothing to lose. Well maybe, my pride. But still I gave it a go. I believed I could. So, I would. No, I should. When we reflect on #BreakTheBias, we are facing personal, cultural, and structural barriers to equality. Today, I am thinking about my own bias, the unco...

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The Importance of Female Leadership in the Education Technology Space #WomenEd Tech

By Laura Bain  @LaruBain#breakthebias #womenintech #edtech Just as we are shaped and influenced by our environment, so too are technology products as they are developed. When the teams that are developing, designing and deploying these products lack diversity, bias unavoidably creeps in. Examples of gender bias are already evident in Artificia...

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Leading in education through a pandemic - shaping a better ever-changing world

By Jen McArdle @McArdleJen I would like to acknowledge and thank the Traditional Custodians of this land and recognise their continued connection to Country. We thank Elders past, present and emerging for sharing this land for us to live and learn on. We thank the Traditional Custodians for caring and looking after this land for thousands of genera...

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Overcoming Burnout

By Rita Rebizant, @RitaRebizant I spent all of July in a kind of mindless fog, not quite sure what to do with myself. My brain was still full of school stuff but along with it came a lot of deep-seated emotion that I didn't know where to put.  I cried a lot. I couldn't sleep. I sat staring at nothing a lot.  I scrolled through endless Twi...

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What is your Leadership Resolution of 2022?

By Mélissa Villella, Ph.D @MLVillellaPhd   Network Leader @WomenEdQuebec With an Introduction by Lisa Hannay @lhannay1 Network Leader @WomenEdCanada   As Global Strategic Leader for #WomenEd, I oversee the Twitter account for @WomenEdCanada and work alongside all of the networks in Canada and the United States. Our geography makes it...

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Quelle est votre résolution en matière de leadership pour 2022?

By Mélissa Villella, Ph.D @MLVillellaPhd Network Leader @WomenEdQuebec Avec une introduction de Lisa Hannay @lhannay1 Network Leader @WomenEdCanada WomenEdCanada est composé de quatre réseaux régionaux : l'Ontario, le Québec, l'Alberta et la Colombie-Britannique. Récemment, tous ces réseaux ont exprimé de la difficulté à accroître leur visibilité e...

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Inspiring women to lead education

by Vivienne Porritt @ViviennePorritt

Two of WomenEd’s campaigns are about the representation of women in leadership roles in education, with a particular focus on women with an ethnic heritage. We know the stats show men are disproportionately represented and the pace of change in altering what leaders look like is glacial.This is a key reason for our partnership with The National College of Education in England.

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The Power of Connections

by Zoe Enser @greeborunner

I never really understood networking. It was something which was increasingly mentioned as I moved into leadership, but I never knew quite what it meant or indeed why it was a good thing. People said it would help me with my career and enable me to do my job better, but never really told me how. It was also based on the premise I was ambitious and wanted to progress, as opposed to just being happy in what I was doing, but that is a whole other discussion. Networking had also become a bit of a dirty word to me.

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New Me: New Possibilities

by Ann Marie Luce @turnmeluce   Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

The past months have been challenging for everyone, and many have been forced to adapt to our new reality. I, too, have made some difficult decisions that impacted my family and career.  At the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, I returned to Canada from China, where I was an international school leader. I spent six months working remotely as a school principal with our school's staff, students, and parents scattered worldwide.

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The Balancing Act: Mothers in Leadership

By Jacinta C. Mayronne @drcalzy

When I first began conversations with @WomenEd_US about hosting a potential chat titled 'Imperfection: Motherhood and Leadership,' it was back in March, before the majority of the United States began quarantining due to COVID-19. My perception and thoughts of what motherhood and leadership look and feel like are completely different now that I pick up my pen to write this blog six months later.

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Collaboration: A Superintendent’s Superpower

By Dr Jacinta C. Mayronne @drcalzy

Dr. Tracey Beckendorf-Edou, superintendent of Cascade School District in Washington State, is a collaborator! As she tackles her second year of superintendency amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Dr. Beckendorf-Edou, the ideal systems thinker, shared some brilliant ways for other women to navigate their journey towards superintendency. She gave us insight on essential qualities of a school superintendent, why qualified women choose not to pursue superintendency and benefits of diversity in the role - specifically gender diversity, how to encourage other women to pursue educational leadership, and what compels and sustains women throughout their leadership journeys.

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Why helping others can be the help you need yourself

by Nicola Mooney @nicksnook


This is a short reflective blog on why standing together is important.


One year ago today I received this message:

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Women, Leadership and Sectoral Ceilings?

by Mairead Mhig Uaid @MaireadMhigUaid

For almost a quarter of a century, I have worked in the Irish Medium education sector in the north of Ireland/Northern Ireland. An immersion education system established here just over 50 years ago, it has doubled in size across each phase in the last 15 years to almost 7,000 pupils . Recommendations for development in 2008 by the Department of Education for Northern Ireland have seen limited progression. The sector is small and education here is a devolved issue.

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Leading through values

By Christina Watson @cmw_kendal     Photo credit The Falkland Islands – Sunset Saturday 26 September

Saturday 26th September saw our first @WomenEdFalkland event: a morning thinking about Values- Led Leadership. What a morning it was: full of collegiality, wisdom and optimism.  @RRamaito kicked us off via Skype from Rome, encouraging us in “Leading from your soul and not your role”. She reminded us that when leadership is defined by the impact of powerful and positive behaviours, that inspire, engage and empower ourselves and others to live out our persistent values, then we create a culture that is brave, open, flexible, generous and nurturing. Values- led leadership leads to empowered colleagues, embraces diverse talents and makes space for agile responsive leadership. We are in!

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The reality of being a woman serving headteacher in the UK

By Jill Berry @JillBerry102

On Saturday 12th September 2020, #WomenEd ran a webinar on the subject of what it is currently like to be a woman serving head in this country. The webinar was ably hosted by the wonderful Keziah Featherstone (@keziah70) and featured eleven practising school leaders:

Nav Sanghara (@NavSanghara), Caroline Derbyshire (@Morsecat), Helena Marsh (@HelenaMarsh81), Binks Neate-Evans (@BinksNeateEvans), Helen Keenan (@hbkeenan), Christalla Jamil @ChristallaJ), Allana Gay (@AllanaG13), Caroline Barlow (@BarlowCaroline), Mareme Mufwoko (@MMufwoko), Ruth Whymark (@ruth_whymark) and Claire Price (@ClairePrice1). It was a superb event.

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