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#Collaboration and Partnership - 5th WomenEd Unconference

By Vivienne Porritt @ViviennePorritt

Our 5th Unconference this Saturday, 5th October is going to be special. We’re keeping our tradition of all of us meeting together at the beginning and end of the day and celebrating what our #community has achieved since last year. We do have some new elements to build our engagement across the community so look out for those. We will also share some exciting things we are doing to improve #communication.

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New role, New school, New normal

By Anonymous
Biggest challenge? Going from a school knowing more or less everyone’s name, including most students (having been there forever) to feeling rude every other time you talk to someone. I feel like walking around with a badge saying, “Hi, I’m Mrs Taylor and you are? *sorryififorgot”
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Collaboration in support of women educators and leaders

By Vivienne Porritt

As a voluntary community, #WomenEd has always collaborated with partners to achieve greater impact than we can do alone.  We currently collaborate with @Tes_Institute, @WholeEducation, @educationgov.uk and with all organisations who give their venues to us at no charge.

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Rambling, rantings and confessions of a new education freelancer

By Anonymous

‘It’s a big world outside the classroom,’ said a wise friend about six months ago. And, just like that (well, almost), I resigned and jumped off the cliff after around a quarter of a century in schools. I’ve documented quite openly the joys and the freedom and the opportunities to be able to shout about louder about the issues really affecting teachers – ridiculous levels of scrutiny, presenteeism, data over humans etc. Here, I am taking an opportunity to voice – anonymously, for obvious reasons – some of the more surprising, less paletable, more controversial and more personal stuff that’s been playing on my mind in its new and disconcerting freedom to actually think independent thoughts.

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