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Having it All?

by Nicola Mooney @nicksnook

I was reading through Twitter posts the other day about the possibility of holding down a full time teaching (or even leadership) post and winning at the parenting thing. It got me thinking about the sentence ‘having it all’ – as if managing to do both brings some sort of glorified sense of satisfaction that you can get from having a career and having a bunch of mini me’s running around……. and maybe there is.

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by Mary Bridget Burns @MaryBridgetEdu

Networking. It's a concept that has gained significance in recent years, but often associated with bankers and business leaders, politicians or pundits. Rarely do educators come to mind when networking is discussed. Rather, teachers and building leaders are encouraged to consider how to participate actively in their in-school Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) or to consider ways to get involved with the school or district's Instructional Learning Teams (ILTs).

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I will be confident in being me. #PledgeForChange20

by Fey Cole @ColeFey

Christmas is always a time that brings a lot of reflection for me. I’m not one for New Year’s Eve resolutions but I do like to take stock and consider what is on the horizon. As we go into 2020 that feels more important than ever.

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The Education Roundabout #PledgeForChange20

 by Nicola Mooney @nicksnook

When I entered teaching I was told that there is never anything new in education, that on a cyclical basis everything goes round again. I have now done a complete cycle.

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A New Identity #PledgeForChange20

by Charlie Kraig @cvkraig

How to write a blog post for #WomenEd

  • Sign up for the online event via eventbrite.
  • Add the event to your calendar.
  • Lose track of days while visiting family. Never check your calendar.
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Allowing My Most Authentic Self to Rise

by Anni Poole @AnniPoole #PledgeForChange

Standing to face each new dawn – the rise of authenticity for every woman.

As women or as #HeForShe supporters, I am pledging my support for the celebration of authenticity in our lives. It's more than OK to be wholly ME!

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#PledgeforChange20 #WomenEd #DGMeet

by Naomi Ward @naomi7444

I need to look back to look forward. The last two years have been about clarifying values and purpose, then exploring what those mean in my life after teaching. This year is about habits, consistency and discipline. Doesn’t sound that inspiring right, and yet, this is what’s needed to build on hard-won foundations.

The word ‘discipline,’ derives from ‘disciple,’ – ‘to follow or adhere to doctrine.’ To me this means that I am a follower of my values and purpose, and will learn as I walk where they guide me.

I was struck by this image on Twitter recently; I have a purpose and am also aware of the distractions that are in my way; imposed by roles as well as the obstacles I like to put in my way: distraction, fear, resentment, poor prioritisation, other people’s requests, ‘urgency.’ How important is my mission? Is it important enough to use my time wisely? Yes. Is it something I’m willing to drop? Hell no.

So I #pledge to say no and be clearer on my boundaries. Truth be told, I’m slightly bedazzled by people who say no with conviction and grace – it takes strength. Do it, because it means you create time and if done well, it earns respect and is contagious. I also #pledge not to resent other roles I have and perceive to be getting in the way. After twelve years of parenting, it can be easy to resent the constant demands and bickering (hello Christmas holidays!). That’s why, when choosing discipline in alignment to my purpose and values, it’s worth looking through the lens of each role I inhabit for the opportunity to deepen my learning. I’ve stolen this exercise from Covey’s ‘Seven Habits.’

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#Pledge for Change 2020

by Lisa Hannay @lhannay1

This blog will be a hodge podge of thoughts. It has been taking form in my mind since I signed up to write one a few weeks ago. As soon as I had registered for the blog event the word "self-deprecating" came in my head and has been rattling around ever since.

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To recognise relationships of privilege over vulnerability.

by Jules Daulby @JulesDaulby  #PledgeForChange20

He ran at us aggressively. His arms spread out wide and he was roaring loudly. A moment of fear for us until he stopped inches from our faces and then he walked away, laughing with his friends.I was with my daughters (aged 11 and 14) on the 22nd December in Canterbury.

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The reason

by Anonymous

I have met some truly inspiring people who have shown me kindness; given me the strength to carry on; and believed in me, when I never did. I am forever grateful to them for giving me the encouragement to share my story – Thank you.

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The courage in encourage

by Emma Turner @Emma_Turner75

As people and teachers, we all need encouragement. We need encouragement to rise out of comfy beds, to start our days, to take those first steps or to take on new challenges. We need encouragement to keep on going when things aren’t progressing as smoothly as we’d like or might have anticipated and we need encouragement to believe in ourselves and our decisions.

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Follow the empathy road: #BrewEd Herts

by Ginny Bootman @sencogirl (Senior Leader & SENCO)

I set off with some trepidation as I left the sunny climes of Northamptonshire to be part of my first #BrewEdHerts event. I was a lone wolf taking it on alone.

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Whose Permission Are You Waiting For? Chapter 2

by Portia Taylor @MrsPTaylor

Chapter 2: Progress and Perceived Barriers

 We’re lit up. We’re radiating hope, energy and a desire to change. We know we can (ok, so we think we might be able to but we are on our way to self-assurance if we are not quite there yet…) Now what?

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What next? Our #WomenEd strategy for 2019-2020

by Alison, Jules, Keziah, Liz, Sameena and Vivienne   - @Alison Kriel, @JulesDaulby, @keziah70, @EquitableEd, @Vivienne Porritt

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our 5th unconference at Sheffield Hallam University, led workshops and #LeadMeet presentations and joined in the discussions on Twitter and Facebook. It was certainly very special! Once a year the strategic leaders of #WomenEd meet together after the unconference and discuss the strategy for the next year.

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#WomenEd unconference and being 10% Braver

by Lyn Lawton @lynjlawton

Being a big fan of the book ‘10% Braver – Inspiring Women to Lead Education’. I decided to be 10% braver myself and put myself forward to deliver a workshop at the national WomenEd Conference this year. I didn’t actually expect to be chosen!

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