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Becoming Braver from the Inside Out

by  Jaya Hiranandani   @mshiranandaniLast week, I opened my Twitter after a few weeks (two weeks of Spring Break followed by a week of online learning at work can do that to you) and found that I was tagged in an important post by #WomenEd about their 7th birthday celebration with some amazing people. So like any normal human, I retweeted...

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The Sledgehammer

by Rona Grant  @RonaGrant My thoughts on "10% Braver: Inspiring Women to lead Education" It was an unremarkable Tuesday afternoon when it made its arrival. A loud smack as it hit the tiles in an overly extravagant amount of heavy packaging, causing the dog to raise his head and growl at the rapidly retreating delivery van. I was in the middle ...

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By Jess Gosling @JessGosling2 I have written this blog for two reasons: the first is to introduce the vision for the WomenEd network in Taiwan, an amazing group I have been part of now since August 2021. The second is to hopefully give others the courage to take that first step in believing in themselves and activating their 'voice'. When I thought...

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One Foot Forward - #Highlights2021 by Jules Daulby

By Jules Daulby @julesdaulby 2021 was a difficult year. There were successes but often overshadowed by feelings of sadness, disappointment and failure. The only thing that kept me going at those times was the phrase I would tell myself over and over again; 'put one foot forward', because when you feel desperate it's easy to give up and that ti...

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#Highlights2021 by Kerry Jordan-Daus FFCT

By Kerry Jordan-Daus   @KerryJordanDaus This is a tricky one to write.  It's been a tough year for so many of us. It's been a tough year for me. The community of #WomenEd continues to be a source of inspiration and support. I am more than ever guided by my core values. Honesty, kindness, authenticity, being brave and calling out misd...

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A New Teacher in COVID - #Highlights2021 Reflections on #Being10%Braver

By Rebecca Sedgwick I was an NQT in 2020, so my introduction into teaching has been full of COVID restrictions and regulations. I went into 2021 with mixed emotions and reflecting back, being #10%braver has been key in remaining positive in a difficult year. As an energetic, upbeat character, being 10%braver could be perceived as being something th...

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#Highlights21 - Liz Gregory FCCT

By Liz Gregory  @lgregory1002    How have I been #10%Braver? In 2021 I took the plunge to start applying for Headships. Three years into my Deputy Headship, I knew it was a little early but thought I should start trying, to get feedback and hone my interview skills. It would also help me to decide the type of school I wante...

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Brave Enough to be Me - #Highlights21 from WomenEd SouthWest

By Nicola Mooney  @nicksnook  Network Lead @WomenedSW 2020, what a year. Surely 2021 can only be easier?12 months later, I hear myself again…..2021, what a year. Most of this is related to the fact that we have lived and educated through COVID, but for me this period has been an incredible journey of self discovery. Actually, that isn't e...

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#Highlights21 from Taiwan

By Jess Gosling @JessGosling2 Network Lead @WomenEdTW As we near to the end of 2021, I was pleased to be given the challenge to record my highlights this year, including how I have been #10%Braver and what I have achieved. A sense of confidence and realisation of 'self' Through my writing, which includes articles for Diverse Educators, WISEducation...

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2021: How have I been 10%Braver?

By Dr Jill Berry @jillberry102 After I contributed a chapter to the first #WomenEd book in 2019, we were asked to film a short video of ourselves holding the book, wearing the 10% Braver tee-shirt and explaining how we had been brave and what we might do if we were braver still. I said I'd been brave when I completed my doctorate and wrote a book a...

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My #Highlights21

Philip Wharton FCCT @pkoeln1980


2021 has been one of the toughest years I have known. Shifting regulations, absences, worries amd stresses all added to the usual maelstrom of running a school.

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Being 10% Braver means Owning Our Strengths

by  Jacqui Brelsford @BrcounsellorJ

Asking someone to nominate me for an award is probably one of the most uncomfortable things I could do. Putting myself out there is not something that comes naturally. My education was one of criticism and abiding by the archaic, strict rules of jaded teachers who didn’t know any better, and the shame of getting something wrong or being judged has stayed with me my whole life.

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10% Braver: award success!

by Vivienne Porritt @ViviennePorritt on behalf of #WomenEd

We’re delighted to announce that 10% Braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education, edited by Keziah Featherstone (@keziah70) and myself,  has made the top 10 of @Learning Ladder5 ‘Best Books for Educators Summer 2021’ awards.

We were first included in a longlist of over 100 entries and invited to submit why we should be in the Top 40. Given the title of our book, we had to show we were #Being10% Braver so we shared our views on why 10% Braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education should be considered.

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A call for collaboration

by Claire Young @curiousCY

I want more circles and fewer lines. I am at my best when I’m working shoulder to shoulder with the people around me and we can see each other eye to eye. My problem with lines is that they leave the people exposed. My problem with lines is that we can only see a section of the people we’re working with, making it all too easy to lose connection with experiences and perspectives we really need to hear. So, my10% braver work is playing my part in building collaborative cultures within my school community where we connect, we centre our wellbeing, and we form circles not lines.

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Anything is possible, if you work hard enough.

by Niamh Thompson @toal_niamh

Ever since a young age, I always dreamed of becoming a teacher. Suffering from severe dyslexia, however, I didn’t think this would always be possible. As I began my A levels in Sociology and Irish, my aspirations of becoming a teacher were confirmed - I knew I wanted to pursue a teaching career. With my parents’ unwavering support and belief in me, I was able to overcome my dyslexia struggles and graduate with a degree in Irish and Sociology from QUB. The next step on my teaching path took me to apply for a PGCE in Irish. I was very nervous and failed the interview miserably. I felt like I had let everyone down.

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