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Being 10% Braver: #IAmWriting.


by Vivienne Porritt @ViviennePorritt

We started WomenEd because women's voices on twitter were often silenced, harrassed or our views were not valued. It's one of the reasons we included a mic in our logo. So we encouraged women to tweet and to write blogs to tell our stories and share our lived experience. 

One of the reasons we wrote 10%braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education was to ensure the voices of our community reached women who are not on twitter. And over 30 voices are included in Being 10% Braver which, joyously, is published this December - you can pre-order and it's a great Christmas present! And we are delighted to share more opportunities for our community to write and to be heard.

Our pinned tweet shares the first opportunity.  We are collaborating with @innovatejournal and curating a whole edition of the journal dedicated to women's leadership. We are looking for articles from teachers, support staff, leaders, lecturers and all educational professionals and we want to ensure diverse voices are heard in articles which focus on what is needed to ensure gender equity for women leaders in education.  Full details including the deadline and word count are here

Our second opportunity will particularly excite those in our community who write more academic papers. Professor Alma Harris has offered us a special edition of School Leadership and Management focused on issues of women in leadership.  Our #WomenEd community would be the guest editor and we will do a Call for Papers shortly. 

For both opportunities above, we want to emphasise that contributions are welcome across our global community. Our recent global unconference showed how much we all learn from each other and these journals will keep that learning growing. 

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As well as individual authors, we also want to build review and editing teams so that more in our community gain and hone this expertise. And we are regularly asked to contribute blogs to different social media groups and educational press and we want to open these requests to more women again. 

So if this has your fingers twitching to start writing, the call for responses to @innovatejournal is open. We also want to build a team of writers, reviewers and editors on whom we can call so, if you are interested, hear the words of Margaret Atwood: let us know what takes your fancy via this Google Form and we will be in touch!

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Monday, 27 March 2023

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