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Coaching the #WomenEd Way
Yasmin Ariff
General Blogs
by Yasmin Ariff   @AriffYasmin @CVPGROUP_ I wish I'd found coaching earlier in my teaching career. It has made me a better person on so many levels. But it came at a cost. Having invested £8000 of my own money into coaching training, it's fair to say, although it's been worth it, it also broke the bank balance. If only there was a government-f...
Leadership can be scary
Julie Hunter
By Julie Hunter     @MsHMFL I gave a talk at a #WomenEd conference in January 2022 and only came across my slides again recently. With the background of leaders suffering from accountability measures in England, now seemed like the perfect time for me to put my presentation into a blog. I'd like to credit the beautiful image below to the ...
Musings from the Interview Arena
Briony Bowers
General Blogs
By Briony Bowers @BrionyBowers Briony went to #WomenEd sessions at #rEDBerks2023 recently which led to her retweeting her 2021 blog. Sadly, progress since then has been minimal. In 2015 the New York Times published an analysis of the CEOs of S&P 1500 firms revealing the remarkable statistic that there were more men called John leading these big...
It isn’t the time
Claire Harley
General Blogs
By Claire Harley @clairevh How do you find the time? Something you've probably said to yourself about three times already this week. As an assistant principal, mum and EdD candidate I get where you're coming from. The past two months, however, have helped me to re-evaluate what time really means and have helped me find perspective in a way I wasn't...
Advocating for Educators in Hungary - New Perspectives for #WomenEd Attendees
Chloe Burns
General Blogs
By Chloe Burns  Following the theme of being 10% Braver, for our second event, #WomenEd Hungary wanted to provide some insight into how educators can advocate for themselves during difficult times. We reached out to the Hungary Helsinki Committee, which is a Budapest-based non-governmental watchdog organisation that, 'Protects human dignity an...
Attending a #WomenEd Event on Jersey: Leading with Courage
Elaine Walker
By Elaine Walker  @ewalkerbyrne As a former journalist, I always loved writing my weekly parenting column, apart from the time I had all three children off with chicken pox and the feature editor chasing me for my column! So when the communications team asked colleagues to blog a bit more, I decided I would seize the opportunity to delive...
Taking the first steps towards Leadership
Sara Moya
By Sarah Moya  @SarahMoya After nearly twenty years of working in education, I find it is difficult to pinpoint where and how my experiences as a female professional differ from my male counterparts when it comes to career progression. Indeed, the subjective nature of my experiences, coupled with the suspicion that to raise them in the workpla...
Part-Time TLRs Revisited
Lindsay Patience
By Lindsay Patience     @mumsyme Flexible Teacher Talent recently asked in a Twitter poll how part-time TLRs (Teaching and Learning Responsibility) worked. I was shocked to find again that a large proportion of teachers are not being paid properly for their management responsibilities. 54% said they were responsible for the whole rol...
Celebrating a three year old’s birthday this month? Congratulations!
Salina Ventress
General Blogs
By Salina Ventress     @salinaventress This week my youngest turns three, and it feels monumental. If, like me, you're a school leader or teacher and celebrate a 3 year old's birthday this March, congratulations; we made it. We've all been part of a club we never asked to join, where 'lockdown baby' became everyday vocabulary, and th...
Launching #WomenEd Hungary
Charlotte Ward
General Blogs
By Charlotte Ward     @misscharteach "I went to the event not really knowing what to expect, but I came out with the satisfactory feeling of time well spent. I met interesting people and felt inspired."  #WomenEd Hungary Launch Event Attendee We held our @WomenEdHUN launch event on 8th Feb 2023 and, after the initial panic that ...

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